The Transformation

“I used to work mechanically without much interest, came to work very late and would take leave often. In order to save money, I would not cook at home, but used to end up spending money on medicines and illness. I never interacted much with the coworkers,” says Lalitha, describing her old self.

“Nowadays, I wake up early and finish my chores at home and go to work on time. I only used to eat rice and tamarind water but have now added vegetables, egg and milk to my diet. I don’t fall ill often and don’t spend unnecessarily on doctor visits,” reports Lalitha.

Lalitha is the head of the family and has taken on this responsibility, delegating appropriately to her son to manage the home and work. Her punctuality at work and efficiency have been noticed and appreciated by her supervisors, only motivating Lalitha more. Being able to perform her duties has increased her self confidence. Her son has noticed the change in her demeanour and also supports her with household chores. Lalitha finds solace in the temple and uses the visits to manage her stress. She realises that everybody has problems and one needs to confront and overcome them. Lalitha works with her son to reduce expenditure and save money. They are now saving Rs. 5000 per month and are setting aside money for future goals. She has promised to conduct her son’s wedding without taking dowry and is confident of leading a happy life.

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