Millions of workers contribute immense value to our society, economy and planet. They keep our farms, factories, markets and businesses steady and growing. However, they themselves live a hand-to-mouth existence, with poor & unsafe working and living conditions, with fragile financial security and an inefficient ecosystem in which they exist and operate. We believe this must change and we will change it—with you and them.

Who We Are

We respectfully work with workers and the “systems” by changing mindsets, behaviours and practices; by improving skills, financial security, processes and services; by building agency, ensuring voices and choices; by establishing partnerships and collaborations.

We have a positive impact on the workers’ eco-system by leveraging a systems change approach while ensuring knowledge, skills (personal and professional), services – health & wealth, through a platform approach that aggregates solutions and providers.

Some of the workforces we have been working with includes factory workers, street vendors, health workers and other gig workers.

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Our Reach

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Organization Partnered
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How we do it

We create and enable partnerships and solutions because we believe that no single agency or approach is adequate to resolve complex problems


We empower workforces, particularly women, by strengthening capacities of individuals, institutions, systems, stakeholders for equity and equality


We promote enabling, safe, healthy, and inclusive workplace, community, systems, values, culture to ensure workforce health and well-being


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